RapidMix Pugmill Applications

//RapidMix Pugmill Applications

RapidMix Continuous Mixing Plant Applications

RapidMix Pugmill Applications are many. The construction industries application of continuous mixing has escalated greatly due to the quality and consistency of Roller Compacted Concrete, Cement Treated Base, in soil remediation used in the environmental industry and many more.  These construction and remediation projects require accurate and consistent quality. The solution must address each aspect in an dependable system.  Gulf Atlantic Equipment offers a full line of RapidMix high-intensity, high-output, twin-shaft continuous mixing plants that exceed industry and environmental requirements.  The RapidMix continuous mixing system produces end results of stunning consistency and productivity. Inferior technology can result in catastrophic results.

RWC is a leasing and lease-to-own entity of Gulf Atlantic Equipment (GAE). Industrial Equipment Leasing is in high demand. RWC’s leasing programs are designed for clients of all sizes and are now offering RapidMix Pugmill leasing. See below for a list of the many RapidMix Pugmill Applications with the Continuous Mixing Plants.

For more information on RapidMix Pugmill Applications or RWC’s leasing programs, please call 1-561-400-3204, or email info@rwcequip.com.

Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC)

RCC is a greener, more durable and economical paving material that can be used in the following RapidMix Pugmill Applications:

  • Paving roads

  • Building large parking and storage areas for placing heavy loads, Ports, Military, Intermodal, Manufacturing Plant, DIA, etc.

  • Erecting Dams

  • Constructing off-highway/remote pavement projects, e.g., logging roads, shoulders

  • Sealing landfills and mines

  • Airport taxiways

Cement-Treated Base (CTB)

CTB is a rugged, frost-resistant base for a concrete or asphalt pavement wearing surface. CTB is one of the quality RapidMix Pugmill Applications that consists of native soils, gravels or manufactured aggregates mixed with precise amounts of water & cement. A non-stabilized granular base is not nearly as strong or rigid as pavements that utilize Cement-Treated Base. CTB is designed so the thickness of the base is less than what is mandatory for granular bases carrying the same weight and traffic. Correctly engineered CTB can distribute loads over a wider area reducing the stresses on the sub-grade is one of the superior RapidMix Pugmill Applications.

Soil Cement (SC)

SC is a construction material, engineered with pulverized natural soil combined with small amounts of Portland cement and water. Soil cement is created in the same process as Roller Compacted Concrete and Cement-Treated Base. The process utilizes a twin-shaft continuous mixing plant, followed by compaction, to form a high density base. Hydration of the cement particles forms a dense, hard and semi-rigid durable material. This advanced engineering combination is a stronger, permanent sub-grade for enhanced pavement support and capacity. Some of the many RapidMix Pugmill Applications & benefits include:

  • Improved characteristics for marginal on-site soils

  • Reduced plasticity and improved strength

  • Less susceptible to damaging effect of water

  • Can create an all-weather work platform

  • Use of on-site soil rather than removal and replacement with expensive select fill material

  • Permanent soil modification (does not leach)

  • No mellowing period required

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