Leasing Industrial Equipment

Why Leasing Industrial Equipment is the Right Option

Time is of the essence on any job site. And nothing can slow things down, hurt productivity, or even risk the wellbeing of your workforce more than equipment failure. One study showed that as much as 35 percent of all major construction projects experience a major change.

These are worries that no-one wants to deal with when there are deadlines to meet and things to be done. That’s why leasing your industrial equipment might just be the smart choice. There are many benefits, both financially, and practically.

Here’s a list:

Financial Benefits

  • Low Project Start-up Investment
  • Tax Deductible vs Depreciation
  • Increased Bidding Potential & Capabilities
  • Less Manpower / Overhead
  • Equipment Available When You Need It

Volume and Quality Benefits

  • High Production Equipment to Meet the Most Demanding Projects
  • Self-Powered & Self-Erecting Equipment Available
  • Fast Mobilization – Start & Complete More Jobs
  • Name Brand, Heavy Duty, Well Maintained, Reliable Equipment
  • Parts, Support, and Training Readily Available

What it all boils down to is this: trusted equipment with a support system to keep it running, at a price point that’s far more accessible. Whether it be conveyors, bins, mixing plants, or compressors, we have you covered with the right tools and support for the job.

Give us a call at (561) 400-3204 or email us at Info@RWCEquip.com and we’ll match you up with the right equipment and required options for your next project.