Why lease a mobile mixing plant? Let’s start with the end result: concrete.

Concrete is one of the most frequently used building materials. Its usage worldwide, ton for ton, is twice that of steel, wood, plastics, and aluminum combined. It’s also the second most consumed material on the plant – just behind water.

More important than concrete’s use is how it is produced. Using the best mixing technology ensures quality blends, high production rates, and reduced waste. For this, RWC Equipment Leasing relies on Rapidmix mobile pugmill plants. Anywhere concrete is needed – from infrastructure development to environmental remediation – Rapidmix mobile mixing plants produce the best product for the application and jobsite conditions.

Rapidmix mobile mixing plants are convenient to set up and simple to operate. It only takes one trip to transport a plant to your jobsite. The built-in hydraulic system means no cranes are needed to get them up and running. Once assembled, production can begin within two to three hours. Onboard power, electric, water, and air systems means there’s little these self-sufficient systems need to function. And if the plant is needed somewhere else, it’s able to be broken down and moved to a new site within hours.

For many projects, purchasing a new plant isn’t an option due to budgetary constraints or rushed timelines. The decision to lease a mobile mixing plant is a win-win for operations that require quick mobilization and high-volume concrete production.

Four Rapidmix models are available for lease from RWC Equipment Leasing:

All four models operate on a continuous mixing process, which means the output of the mixer is equivalent to the input of materials and the mixer can be operated without interruption to charge or discharge material. The difference between the “C” and “CW” models is based in how the equipment measure the materials put into the plant. Volumetric (“C”) mixers allow operators to control the precise amount of water added to any mixer as proportioning is based on volume, not weight. Continuous weigh (“CW”) means materials are continuously weighed from the aggregate hopper via load cells which weigh the material from the loading to the mixing chamber.

If you’re looking for a system that is easy to transport, convenient to operate, and lets you produce an exact amount of concrete, it’s time to lease a mobile mixing plant. See one in action!

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