Concrete is an extremely prevalent building material in our modern world, as it has been for centuries. It’s the second most consumed material on the planet, just behind water. And with over 25 billion tons of concrete are made worldwide each year – that’s nearly 4 tons per person on Earth.

With concrete playing such a pivotal role in construction around the world, it’s important to ensure that the best machines are being used to help with its blending and manufacturing for usage. Rapidmix Mobile Pugmill Plants offer the best in concrete mixing and application, designed to fit whatever project you’re working on. Anywhere concrete is needed, from a highway shoulder to airport runways to the construction of a damn, these machines offer the best available in concrete manufacturing in all varieties of job sites and conditions.

They’re convenient to set up and simple to operate – it only takes one load to transport these mobile machines to your work site, and the built-in hydraulic system means no cranes are needed to get them up and running. Once assembled, production is able to begin within two to three hours; and with on-board power, electric, water, and air systems, there’s little that these efficient self-sufficient systems need in order to function. And if the plant is needed somewhere else, it’s able to be broken down and ready to be moved to a new site within hours.

Not only are these systems mobile and operator-friendly, they are able to produce at rates that ensure you’ll be able to quickly get through whatever projects you might have. There are two models available to lease from RWC Equipment Leasing, both with two variations: the 400C and 400CW, which are capable of producing 400 tons of concrete every hour – and the 600C and 600CW, capable of creating 600 TPH of concrete. All four models operate on a continuous mixing process, which means they’re able to function without interruption from input or discharge. The difference between the models, the C & CW, is based in how the machines measures the materials put into the machine and in ensuring quality output.

If you’re looking for a system that is easily mobile, convenient to use and operate, and will let you production whatever amount of concrete you might need in a simple, streamlined manner, there’s no better choice than leasing Rapidmix Mobile Pugmill Plants.

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