Cement shortages happen. Sometimes the reasons are complicated; other times they are predictable and short-lived.

Think interruptions in manufacturing, transportation or distribution; changes in hours of service or state regulations; and unexpected increases in demand. Fortunately, with the proper plan for cement shortages and an investment in the right equipment, you can reduce the negative impact a cement shortage may have on your business operation. Portable storage pigs are an effective solution to ensuring your operation has easy access to the materials it needs to increase job efficiency and productivity.

Portable storage pigs are specially designed for hauling and storing cement, as well as fly ash, frac sand, lime, barite, activated carbon, non-corrosive liquids, and soda ash. They also feature a higher storage capacity and are easier to use than traditional cement silos.

When cement shortages are predictable or short-lived – or when temporary and mobile storage is preferred – leasing a portable storage pig is an economical alternative to purchasing capital equipment (truth be told, we can help with that, too).

We recommend leasing a portable storage pig when you need to:
  • Reduce interruptions in production caused by fluctuations in material supply
  • Protect stored material from the elements
  • Accommodate large scale, high volume projects with high cement demand
  • Move your material where you need it when you need it

There’s nothing worse than stopping production while you wait for your next shipment of material. Use a portable storage pig to ensure you have an ample supply of cement that is easily accessible and safely stored on your job site – you’ll save time and money!

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