Roller compacted concrete’s popularity continues to grow, making Rapidmix portable pugmills an essential part of projects in established and developing communities.

Think potholes are inevitable? Think again. When you use Rapidmix portable pugmills to produce roller compacted concrete (RCC), potholes, sinkholes, and cracks become problems of the past. Here are some more incredible facts about using portable pugmills for your next RCC project:

  • Roller compacted concrete product by Rapidmix portable pugmills has a high flexural strength of 500 to 1,000 PSI to support heavy, repetitive loads without failure and spans localized soft subgrade areas which reduces maintenance costs and downtime.
  • RCC has a high compressive strength of 4,000 to 10,000 PSI to withstand high concentrated loads and impacts from heavy industrial, military, and mining applications.
  • RCC has no forms or finishing which speeds construction, reduces cost, and minimizes labor.
  • RCC has high density and low absorption to provide excellent durability, even under freeze-thaw conditions.
  • RCC does not need steel reinforcing or dowels. This speeds and simplifies construction, reduces costs, and eliminates the need for preventative measures to be taken to minimize corrosion of reinforcing.
  • RCC has a low water to cement ration which increases strength, reduces permeability, and enhances durability and resistance to chemical attack.

Rapidmix portable pugmills enable contractors to meet the market demand for large pour projects. Designed to be fully mobile and entirely self-contained with their own power source, these plants are operational within an hour of arriving at the jobsite. Utilizing a continuous mixing system, Rapidmix plants can mix between 400 and 600 tons per hour depending on the application. Feed rates are adjustable for the aggregate, cement, and water systems.

Eliminate transporting concrete in mixer trucks from plants miles away. These portable pugmills allow you to mix on location and discharge into dump trucks for delivery to the work site – saving time and money.

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