Environmental remediation, civil engineering, geotechnical, and construction companies around the world rely on Rapidmix mobile pugmill plants for mixing bentonite enhanced soils.

Site remediation, soil stabilization, and custom end-to-end recycling services are an essential part of today’s push for sustainable development. Companies that specialize in these services increasingly rely on material handling equipment that can keep up with high production demands as well as easily move from one jobsite to another. This is especially the case when it comes to the need for mobile continuous mixing technology used for bentonite enhanced soils.

Using Bentonite Enhanced Soils in Environmental Markets

The absorption and adsorption properties of bentonite – the active protective layer in geosynthetic clay liners – make it an ideal material for protecting and purifying groundwater. Common environmental directives recommend low permeability soils – like bentonite enhanced soils – as a sealing material in the construction and rehabilitation of landfills and storage ponds.

Mobile Pugmills are an Ideal Solution for BES Applications

Rapidmix is an ideal mixing solution due to the self-contained nature of the plant, quick setup time, its high productivity, and advanced monitoring systems. When asked what makes Rapidmix mobile pugmills stand out among the competition, project managers and equipment operators credit:

  • Ease of operation and a relatively small equipment footprint.
  • Automated and precise full weighing of all materials.
  • The ability to run the pugmill cleanout belt during mixing – especially when working with sticky, cohesive materials like bentonite enhanced soils.
About Rapidmix

Rapidmix mobile pugmills with continuous weigh technology produce high quality, controlled mixtures for use in a wide range of applications. The mobile nature of the plant and advanced mixing technology is most advantageous in meeting supply and demand requirements of critical projects. Rapidmix continuous weighing plants deliver a cost-effective solution on projects where high specification compliance and high volume, fast throughput are essential.

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