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Masaba Magnum Telescoping Conveyors

With patented track technology, Masaba Magnum Telescoping Conveyors are the safest, most rugged telescoping conveyors available. Their patented design provides constant positive traction and smoother operation of the stinger, improving long term durability with minimal maintenance. Hydraulically raised and lowered folding axles allow for transition between operational and travel positions in just minutes.

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Ranging from 130 to 190 feet in length, Masaba Magnum Telescoping Conveyors feature patented track technology, swing axle undercarriage systems, self-contained auxiliary pumps, and the most user-friendly PLC on the market. Their design eliminates the danger of cable breakage and uncontrolled roll back, provides the widest and most stable radial footprint in the industry, removes the need for electric power during setup, and makes operation easy. Masaba Magnum Telescoping Conveyors offer a variety of beneficial options over their competitors, including:

Auxiliary Hydraulic Pump

  • 13 hp gas powered unit
  • Removes need for electric power during setup
  • Allows user to operate axle jacks and extend stinger to reduce weight from kingpin for easier removal from the transport vehicle

Masaba Track Technology

  • Patented design provides constant, positive traction and smoother operation of stinger
  • No cable maintenance associated with winch systems
  • Eliminates danger of cable breakage and uncontrolled roll back

PLC Operation

  • Most user-friendly PLC on the market
  • Large, color touchscreen for easy interaction and high visibility
  • PLC, in conjunction with variable speed wheel drives, creates the highest quality desegregated piles
  • Three encoders work the PLC to accurately identify X, Y, and Z locations of head pully
  • Four customizable programs enable user to choose stockpiling preference
  • All NEMA class components ensure reliability in the field – no IEC spec electrical components

Axle & Drive Options

  • Folding axles allow for transition between operational and travel position in minutes. To simplify the leveling process, axles can be hydraulically raised and lowered independently or at the same time – eliminating the need for chains and sprockets and improving safety.
  • Swing axle undercarriage provides the widest and most stable radial footprint in the industry. A variable speed drive allows for even distribution of material inpile for fully desegregated stockpiles.
  • Hydra shift simplifies setup process and reduces maintenance time by removing the chain. Hydra shift allows the operator to engage and disengage the drive by simply flipping a lever on the hub.

Our customers also appreciate the conveyors’ heavy duty pulleys, brand leading manufactured components, Class II drives, CEMA Class idlers, 3-ply belting, onboard counterweight, heavy duty tow hitch, and quick attach guarding. The advantages of Masaba Magnum Telescoping Conveyors add up quickly when you consider their durability, reliability, and portability. Masaba is a leader in the design and manufacture of portable conveyors – catering to material handling and industrial jobsite needs for nearly 60 years. Frequently exposed to rough and unforgiving conditions, Masaba conveyors are exceptionally built to survive any project.

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  • Hydraulic raise and lower
  • Powered radial travel
  • Diesel generator package
  • Diesel hydraulic power units
  • Tag axles
  • Loading spouts
  • Wireless remote controls
  • Hydraulic folding sections
  • Standard or low profile hoppers


  • Belt widths from 30″ to 48″ wide
  • Operational lengths from 130′ to 190′ long
  • Travel lengths from 71′ 6″ to 105′ 10″ long
  • Capacities from 1,000 THP to 1,500 TPH
  • Stockpile heights from 39′ 10″ to 63′ 3″ high

Note: Dimensions will vary based on axle conhttp://tel+1-561-400-3201figurations, options, etc. All dimensions are subject to change. For dimensions and drawings of specific models, contact RWC Equipment Leasing: (561) 400-3204.