Tilt-Up & Low Profile Portable Silos

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Tilt-Up & Low Profile Portable Silos

Need a portable auxiliary silo? We offer lease and lease-purchase options on vertical tilt-up silos and low-profile horizontal silos. Request a free quote and we’ll match a portable silo to the unique needs of your application. Featuring tilt-up, round portable silos from 270 bbl to 1200 bbl and low-profile silos from 200 bbl to 300 bbl.


Portable auxiliary silos allow operations to quickly expand jobsite storage capabilities. Ideal for storing cement, fly ash, frac sand, lime, barite, activate carbon, non-corrosive liquids, soda ash, and other dry bulk materials, portable auxiliary silos are an efficient, convenient way to enhance your operation.


  • Positive feed drive auger system; screw conveyor; motor and gear box drive; heavy duty dual axles trailer and tires; electric brakes and lights package; dust collector; pressure relief valve; single speed trailer jack; outside ladder with OSHA compliant fall arrest cable system; fill pipe with aluminum adapter; non-pressurized inspection manhole; and externally mounted air pads with manifold, regulator, and check valve.


  • Dust house or pulse jet dust collector; leg extensions package; 9” to 12” screws; gas or electric motor; level indicators; inventory management system; load cell weighing system; transfer blower system; product metering system; and blending or mixing auger.