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Portable Storage Pigs

4,100 CF Capacity – Diesel or Electric

Available Options: * Electric for Diesel Powered Blower Package, pre-mounted on from of Trailer.

* Blower Transfer Hose is available in 25’ to 100’ Lengths with quick connects.


Portable Storage Pigs

Capacity: 4000 Cubic Feet (+/-3%)

Design: For Pneumatic handling of high density flowable powders

Manholes: One 20” full opening aluminum pressure cover with (6) cam type hold-downs. Located over 4th hopper. Cover fitted with black gasket with hinge at streetside.

Compartments: (6) Six 45 Degree hoppers

Air Piping: 4” OD steel tubing at curbside front equipped with 4” aluminum cap and 4” butterfly valve to control airflow to manifold & (2) 4” swing check valves. 4” Pressure control valve, 4” blow down valve, 6” product valves at each hopper, 5” discharge line & 5” cleanout.

Aeration: Each hopper fitted with 30” cotton aeration pad with 2” inlet line and ball control valve.

Pressure Gauges: Two 4” dial, 0-30# range mounted streetside at #4 hopper.

Fill Lines: Two (2) 4” schedule 40 steel, one at rear curbside with 4” adaptor & cap.

Vent Line: One (1) at rear streetside, 4” Schedule 40 steel with butterfly valve.

Pressure Relief: One (1) tank mounted pressure relief valve set at 15 PSIG.

Ladder: Steel mounted at streetside rear of manhole

Chassis: Heavy duty chassis with 12 volt DOT light system, (10) support legs with screw jacks, heavy duty single axle suspension, single tank air brake system, fenders, ten stud cast hubs w/ drums, and (4) 11R22.5 radial tires.

Paint: Sandblasted and Painted with epoxy primer and polyurethane top coat Grey.