Portable Storage Pigs

Portable Storage Pigs

Portable storage pigs are horizontal bulk storage containers ideal for large-scale, high-volume jobs that require a lot of cement. Their mobility allows them to be transported to various locations during the course of a project. Even better, cement pigs aren’t just for cement. They can hold a wide variety of materials including fly ash, frac sand, lime, barite, activated carbon, non-corrosive liquids, and soda ash.


Portable Storage Pigs increase job efficiency, convenience, and productivity. Bulk material is protected from the elements and available when you need it. Even better, portable storage pigs are sized for your demands and perfect for large scale, high volume projects.


  • Capacity: 4,100 cubic feet (+/-3%)
  • Design: For pneumatic handling of high density flowable powders
  • Blower Package: Electric or diesel powered blower package, pre-mounted on trailer; blower transfer hose is available in 25’ to 100’ lengths with quick connects
  • Manholes: One 20” full opening aluminum pressure cover with (6) cam type hold-downs;  located over 4th hopper; cover fitted with black gasket with hinge at streetside
  • Compartments: (6) 45-degree hoppers
  • Air Piping: 4” OD steel tubing at curbside front equipped with 4” aluminum cap and 4” butterfly valve to control airflow to manifold and (2) 4” swing check valves. 4” pressure control valve, 4” blow down valve, 6” product valves at each hopper, 5” discharge line and 5” cleanout
  • Aeration: Each hopper fitted with 30” cotton aeration pad with 2” inlet line and ball control valve
  • Pressure Gauges: Two 4” dial, 0-30# range mounted streetside at #4 hopper
  • Fill Lines: (2) 4” schedule 40 steel, one at rear curbside with 4” adaptor and cap
  • Vent Line: (1) at rear streetside, 4” schedule 40 steel with butterfly valve
  • Pressure Relief: (1) tank mounted pressure relief valve set at 15 PSIG
  • Ladder: Steel mounted at streetside rear of manhole
  • Chassis: Heavy duty chassis with 12 volt DOT light system, (10) support legs with screw jacks, heavy duty single axle suspension, single tank air brake system, fenders, ten stud cast hubs with drums, and (4) 11R22.5 radial tires
  • Paint: Sandblasted and painted with epoxy primer and polyurethane top coat (gray)

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