Rapidmix 400CW Continuous Weigh Mobile Pugmill Plant

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Rapidmix 400CW Continuous Weigh Mobile Pugmill Plant

Totally mobile and fully self-contained with its own power source and self-erecting system, the Rapidmix 400CW Continuous Weigh Mobile Pugmill Plant continuously mixes up to 400 tons per hour, depending on the application. Rapidmix 400CW is fully operational within two to three hours and is typically used for roller compacted concrete, road subbase, and a wide range of environmental applications including contaminated land treatment and soil stabilization.

Mixing Plant Options: Auxiliary silos, blending hoppers, stacking conveyors, portable gob hoppers, grizzly section for aggregate bin


With Rapidmix 400CW, materials are continuously weighed from the aggregate hopper via Thames load cells to the twin-shaft mixing chamber. Additionally, the mobile pugmill’s silo is fitted with weigh hoppers to ensure an accurately weighed and mixed final product. The final weight is taken from the Ramsey belt scale prior to exiting the plant.

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Additional Information

RapidMix 400CW Mobile Mixing Plant Dimensions

Portable RapidMix 400C

  • Length of machine in transport mode: 63’ 11”
  • Width of machine: 9′ 10″
  • Height of machine in transport mode: 13‘ 5”
  • Weight of machine total: 81,791 pounds
  • Weight on rear tri-axles: 56,747 pounds
  • Weight on front pin: 19,070 pounds
  • Length when erected: 70’ 7”
  • Height when erected: 41’ to 45’

Aggregate Hopper with Variable Speed Belt Feeder

Aggregate Hopper

  • 6 cubic yard capacity
  • 14’ 2.5” loading width (can be loaded from either side of the machine)
  • Constructed of S275 plate with stiffening ribs; steep sides for difficult materials; end slopes of 60 degrees
  • Removable division plate allows two materials to be used
  • Surfaces are fitted with 0.5” low-friction, high molecular polyethylene lining material to aid the discharge of materials
  • Outlet end is fitted with adjustable gates to enable the material height and ratio on the conveyor belt to be varied; gates are adjusted manually
  • Conveyor is fitted with a heavy duty 3-ply, 4-foot belt at the bottom of the hopper to provide feed from the hopper to the mixer; conveyor is run by a geared motor drive with automatic variable speed control and equipped with adjustable rubber skirts and heavy duty support rollers

Twin Shaft Continuous Mixer

  • Twin shafts mix material up to 110 RPM while moving material toward the end of the mixer
  • Twin horizontal mixing shafts are fitted with 72 Ni-Hard cast paddles, intermeshed in a specially phased relationship to optimize mixing action and throughput
  • Special attention has been paid to give users maximum access for maintenance and cleaning operations. The top of the mixer is fitted with hinged access covers, which when opened, give access to the entire mixing chamber. Additionally, both sides of the mixing chamber open via hydraulic cylinders.
  • Shafts are driven by a 75 kW (100 HP) electric motor through a reduction gearbox with twin gears to synchronize the shafts
  • Mixing chamber is formed by fabricated sloped sides with a troughed conveyor under the mixer forming the bottom of the mixer
  • Mounted on the bottom of the mixer, forming the bottom of the mixing chamber, this conveyor allows the bottom of the mixer to be easily cleaned out, when production is finished. The mixer should be lined with a bed of material every morning before production starts. The conveyor is fitted with a low speed geared motor drive.

Cement Binder/Silo

  • Capacity of 48 US tons based on material being 93.64 pounds/cubic foot; capable of up to 60 TPH throughput
  • Square silo design constructed from all welded box section S275 plate with stiffening ribs
  • Folding access ladder with safety cage is fitted with double tubular handrail and kicking strip; an access hatch is provided on top of the silo
  • Flanged outlet to suit the rotary valve paddle feeder; shut-off plate is provided to close the silo outlet to allow maintenance to the feeder below
  • 20m2 reverse jet filter silo venting with fan assistance; pressure relief valve fitted to protect the silo from over-pressurization
  • Two 4-foot steel filling pipes with screwed end for fitting cam locks or other type of delivery hose fitting

Out-Loading Conveyor

  • Transports mixed material from the twin-shaft mixer to the truck; conveyor is designed to handle the maximum feed rate from the mixer. A gob hopper fitted to the top end of the conveyor allows some mixed material to be temporarily held.
  • Boxed steel construction with mounting brackets for rollers and pivot mechanism; top section of conveyor incorporates a folding section for transportation
  • 800mm (31.5”) 3 ply belt with heavy duty top cover and vulcanized joint
  • Motorized drum with rubber lagging
  • Polyurethane blade pre-cleaner scraper mounted on the face of the head drum
  • A belt scale is fitted to this conveyor to monitor and control the feed rate and plant output
  • Gob hopper fitted to the top end of the conveyor with pneumatic discharge doors to prevent segregation; constructed from S275 plate; 1 cubic yard capacity

Onboard Water System

  • 462-gallon water tank is fitted complete with automatic shut off valve and galvanized steel piping
  • Two positive displacement pumps are fitted to supply two water spray bars within the mixer
  • Each mixer spray bar has a ball valve to allow addition of water early in the mix, later in the mix, or both together. A calibration point for accurate water weighing is also included.
  • Siemens mag flow meter accurately measures water dispensed between pumps and mixing chamber

Pneumatic System

  • Equipped with a Hydrovane compressor to provide the air supply for the gob hopper doors and the silo filter
  • Solenoid spool valves are fitted for the control of the gob hopper doors. A lubricator is provided for the gob hopper cylinders. Also equipped with a regulator and pressure gauge to adjust the pressure as required.

Hydraulic Power Pack

  • Used to level the plant before erection and to erect the silo and outloading conveyor, the hydraulic power pack features an 11 kW electric motor, bellhousing, drive coupling, hydraulic pump, subplate pressure relief valve, directional valve, oil reservoir, filler breather, level gauge, and return-line filter.

Control Panel

  • The operator panel of the Rapidmix 400C Volumetric Mobile Pugmill Plant consists of a series of push buttons to allow automatic and/or manual control of the mixer, cleanout conveyor, high and low silo alarm, air compressor, silo filter fan, low water alarm, outload conveyors, aggregate conveyor, silo feeder, water pumps, hydraulic power, internal and external lighting, gob hopper doors, auxiliary feeder, alarm mute, emergency stop, stop reset, panel live indicator, and generator start.