Rapidmix 600C Volumetric Mobile Pugmill Mixing Plant

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Rapidmix 600C Volumetric Mobile Pugmill Mixing Plant

600 TPH Volumetric

Available Mixing Plant Options: Auxilliary Silos, Blending Hoppers, Stacking Conveyors, Portable Gob Hoppers, Grizzly Section for Aggregate Bin.


Rapidmix 600C Mobile Pugmill Mixing Plant

The RapidMix 600C twin-shaft continuous mixing plant is Volumetric (C).  RapidMix has been designed to be totally mobile and completely self-contained with its own power source. It is also completely self erecting, using the hydraulic system to change the plant from its travel mode into a fully operational plant in a few hours.  The RapidMix (C) Plants are volumetric continuous mixing systems.  When the ingredients of concrete are flowing continuously and measured by volume, by using a calibrated rotary opening, a calibrated fixed-gate opening, or a combination of these, so that a known, predetermined volume of each ingredient is obtained in a designated time interval, the method of measurement is volumetric. Continuous volumetric measurement with multiple ingredients requires that the proper relationship among those ingredients be maintained. It is this calibration of speed and volume which provides a smooth, continuous release of materials. The RapidMix 600C is capable of mixing up to 600 tons per hour depending on application.  Feed rates are fully adjustable for the aggregate, cement and water systems.  RapidMix twin-shaft continuous mixing plants are designed for any mixing application where a cement or binder needs to be mixed into a base material. Products such as Roller Compacted Concrete, Cement Treated Base, Bentonite, Contaminated Soil Stabilization and more can all be mixed in this machine.