Mixed Materials You Can Build With

Continuous mixing technology – like that used by Rapidmix plants – produces a continuous stream of top quality, highly accurate mixed materials. Using volumetric measurement or continuous weigh systems, input ingredients are incorporated properly. Results can be fine-tuned and repeated day in and day out while the history of production can be monitored and saved for future review. The continuous mixing process eliminates problems associated with batch cycles and produces a consistent product all day, every day. With Rapidmix mobile pugmills, you can produce the best mixed materials, including:

Soil Cement
Cement-Treated Base (CTB)
Bentonite Enriched Soils
Stabilized Subgrade Soils
Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC)

Continuous Mixing Solutions for Every Application

Rapidmix is the culmination of 20 years research and development and delivers the most accurate, reliable, and powerful mobile continuous mixing technology to a wide range of contractors worldwide. Whether you’re constructing a dam, pouring foundations, or paving parking lots – Rapidmix continuous mixing plants are the portable pugmill of choice.

Use Rapidmix to produce base materials, recycle existing pavements, or roller compacted concrete – all popular solutions for runway, taxiway, and apron construction and maintenance.

Roller compacted concrete produced by Rapidmix is beneficial for local streets due to their quick construction and cheaper costs; in some cases the pavement can be opened to traffic within 24 hours of construction.

Coal combustion residual management plans that call for the safe and timely closure of ash basins benefit from Rapidmix’s ability to efficiently produce bentonite enriched soils and stabilized subgrade soils.

Line and cap landfills and waste storage areas with bentonite enriched soils produced by Rapidmix to prevent leachate infiltration in subsoil.

Easily produce high quality, dry mix soil cement for your next impermeable canal lining project with Rapidmix.

Rapidmix can produce lime-stabilized soil with hydraulic conductivity similar to clays that is ideal for preventing leaching of soluble nutrients from composting mixtures.

Use soil cement produced by Rapidmix mobile pugmills to build environmentally friendly, economical earthfill dams.

Complete large pavement areas at distribution centers in record time with low-cost, long-lasting roller compacted concrete produced by a mobile Rapidmix plant.

Use Rapidmix to stabilize soils with cement or other binders used to protect disturbed areas and slopes from rainwater, runoff, and other causes of erosion.

Rapidmix can help you effectively transform dry fly ash into uniformly wetted ash resulting in a controlled, efficient, dust-free operation.

Roller compacted concrete produced by Rapidmix is ideal for paving the large, uninterrupted areas and access roads common to industrial parks.

For the construction of logging roads, Rapidmix produces durable materials like cement-treated road base, stabilized subgrade soils, and roller compacted concrete.

Add lime to hot mix asphalt using a Rapidmix plant to reduce material moisture sensitivity, stiffen the binder, improve toughness, and reduce age hardening.