Mixing Technology You Can Depend On

Rapidmix mobile pugmill plants are the culmination of 20 years research and development, delivering the most accurate, reliable, and powerful mobile continuous mixing technology on the market. Capable of producing up to 600 tons of mixed material per hour, Rapidmix delivers speed and cost efficiency. Depending on your production needs, you can choose from volumetric measurement or continuous weigh systems.

Volumetric Measurement
  • Materials flow continuously and are measured by volume using a calibrated rotary valve, calibrated fixed gate opening, or a combination of the two

  • Predetermined volume of each ingredient is obtained in a designated time interval

  • Requires the proper relationship among ingredients to be maintained through calibration of speed and volume for a smooth continuous release of materials

  • Batch control system keeps record of materials mixed

Continuous Weigh System
  • Aggregates are continuously weighed via weigh belt from the hopper to the mixing chamber

  • Material from silo collects in weigh hoppers before discharging into mixing chamber

  • Calibrated scales paired with an automated plant control system provide 100% traceability and compliance with quality requirements

  • Computer records what has been weighed and confirms volume dispensed

Endless, High Volume Production

Rapidmix perfectly pairs a high capacity aggregate hopper with variable speed belt feeder, cement silo, twin shaft continuous mixer, outloading conveyor, gob hopper, control system, and gen set power – making it the ultimate mobile mixing solution. Offering full weighing of all materials, Rapidmix mobile pugmill plants provide accuracy and accountability you can depend on.

Outloading Conveyor in Action

Gob Hopper Loads Dump Trucks

Choose the Right Rapidmix Mobile Pugmill Plant for Your Project

Rapidmix Mobile Pugmill Plants are available in four models. When choosing the right continuous mixing plant for your application, start with your output requirements – select from speeds up to 400 or 600 tons per hour. Then determine if volumetric measurement (C) or continuous weigh technology (CW) is best for your material input needs. Need more information to make the choice? Just click on a Rapidmix model below to view features, benefits, and technical specifications.


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