Avoid Costly Downtime with Easy Transport & Fast Setup

Rapidmix mobile pugmill plants transport to any jobsite in single load which greatly reduces labor and transportation costs. RWC Equipment Leasing’s high performance continuous mixing plants don’t require a crane for setup and are completely self-contained with onboard power, water, and air – making them typically ready for production within three hours of arrival.

Hydraulic Power Pack Automates Setup

Used to level the plant, unfold the outloading conveyor, and raise the cement/binder silo, Rapidmix’s hydraulic power pack allows the pugmill to be setup and operational within three hours of delivery. No crane is needed and minimal manpower is required. Ease of transport and fast setup make Rapidmix the ideal mobile continuous mixing plant for any concrete, construction, or environmental remediation project – especially those in remote areas or with limited resources.

Unfold Outloading Conveyor

Raise Cement/Binder Silo

Choose the Right Rapidmix Mobile Pugmill Plant for Your Project

Rapidmix mobile pugmill plants are available in four models. When choosing the right continuous mixing plant for your application, start with your output requirements – select from speeds up to 400 or 600 tons per hour. Then determine if volumetric measurement (C) or continuous weigh technology (CW) is best for your material input needs. Need more information to make the choice? Just click on a Rapidmix model below to view features, benefits, and technical specifications.


Not sure where to start? No problem. Call (561) 400-3204 to connect with a mixing technology expert.