Rapidmix 400CW Continuous Weigh Mobile Pugmill Plants

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Rapidmix 400CW Continuous Weigh Mobile Pugmill Plants

Rapidmix 400CW Continuous Weight Mobile Pugmill Plants are ideal for soil recycling, soil cement, cement-treated base, soil stabilization, contaminated land treatment, concrete paving, roller compacted concrete, mine backfill, marine dredging, and bentonite. Twin shaft, continuous weight mixing technology makes it possible to change mix designs on the fly without returning to a batch plant or having to dump unused material.

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Rapidmix 400CW Continuous Weight Mobile Pugmill Plants are self-contained with onboard genset power. They are capable of transitioning from travel mode to fully operational within a few hours. Suitable for any mixing application where binder needs to be mixed into a base material, Rapidmix 400CW plants are equipped with:

  • Aggregate hopper with variable speed belt feeder
  • Onboard cement/binder silo
  • Onboard water system
  • Twin shaft continuous mixer
  • Outloading conveyor to transport material from mixing chamber to truck
  • Pneumatic system for gob hopper doors and silo filter
  • Hydraulic power pack for leveling plant, erecting silo, and operating outloading conveyor
  • Control panel for manual or automated operation

Continuous weigh mixing technology means aggregates are continuously weighed via weigh belt from the hopper to the mixing chamber. Material from the silo collects in weigh hoppers before discharging into the mixing chamber for an accurately weighed and mixed final product. Calibrated scales paired with an automated plant control system provide 100% traceability and compliance with quality requirements.

Producing up to 400 tons of material per hour, Rapidmix 400CW plants deliver the most accurate, reliable, and powerful mobile continuous mixing technology available. Concrete, construction, and environmental contractors around the world rely on Rapidmix to meet their soil cement, soil stabilization, and roller compacted concrete production needs.

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  • Portable blending hoppers
  • Portable auxiliary silos
  • Additional chemical admixtures
  • Steering axles for specific road regulations
  • Vibrating/hydraulic grid for aggregate hopper


Rapidmix 400CW Dimensions

  • Plant length in travel mode: 63′ 11″
  • Plant length when erected: 70′ 7″
  • Plant width: 9′ 10″
  • Plant height in travel mode: 13′ 5″
  • Plant height when erected: 41′ to 45′
  • Plant weight: 73,680 lbs

Rapidmix 400CW Components

  • 15.6 cubic yard capacity aggregate hopper with variable speed belt feeder
  • 110 rpm twin shaft mixer with 72 Ni-Hard cast paddles
  • 48 ton capacity cement/binder silo
  • 31.5″ 3-ply belt outloading conveyor with 1.5 cubic yard capacity gob hopper
  • Onboard water system with 462 gallon water tank, pumps, spray bars, and flowmeter
  • Pneumatic system to operate gob hopper doors and silo filter
  • Hydraulic power pack to level plant, erect silo, and setup outloading conveyor
  • Control panel for automatic and/or manual plant operation